MND Group ( is engaged primarily in the Oil and Gas Industry and has invested in the pursuit of business activities related to oil and gas exploration and production, drilling services, trading and storage. Domestically, in the Czech Republic, the MND Group is Operator of a number of producing fields and is a key player in the gas storage business sector. MND is the largest oil and gas producer in the Czech Republic.

MND Group is actively seeking to enter into the long-term partnerships with like-minded companies in the chosen geographical areas. It has considerable experience of operatorship of producing oil fields in the Czech Republic and intends to pursue acquisition of Operator-interests in licences in the focus international geographical areas. “We have been working toward becoming a major global investor in oil and gas production.”

MND Group is a Czech partially integrated oil & gas player with main activities in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia and Germany.

  • The Group is split into 4 business units:
    • Exploration and Production
    • Drilling and Services
    • Gas Storage
    • Trading


  • MND Group’s core production and exploration assets are located in the Czech Republic, where it is the largest oil and gas producer
  • The Group has daily production of c. 3.2k boe of oil and c. 450 thcm of gas
  • It owns and operates more than 225mcm of physical gas storage capacity and operates as fast storage, almost exclusively, for MND’s own gas trading arm
  • Owns 4 rigs for drilling and 6 for workover operations,
  • Employs more than 800 people across its business lines