MND Ukraine companies are fully aware of their position, the impacts of their operations and the social and environmental responsibility that this entails.

All activities of MND Ukraine are based on consideration and preservation of the natural environment, adherence to principles designed to maintain ecological balance, support of regional culture, sports, and the policy of equal opportunity.

Wells are operated in accordance with internation and national laws, standards and are guided by worldwide practice in the area.

The reduction of company’s activity on the environment is achieved by:

  • Compliance with laws, industry, corporate and regulatory requirements governing the activities of the Company in the field of industrial safety
  • Using the latest technologies, modern methods of diagnostics and automated emergency systems
  • Compliance with technological standards of waste, emissions and discharges into the environment
  • Providing continuous education and training of personnel in the field of industrial safety

MND Ukraine maps and plugs and abandons exhausted wells and relicts left over from exploratory and production operations. Old production wells and remnants of technology that threaten environmental safety are gradually being disposed of and the land returned to its former condition.